Next PS5 Restock in India

On 17th May 2021, the second pre-order for PS5 in India was there. The PlayStation 5 went out of stock within minutes. All the major retailers, including Amazon, Flipkart, ShotAtSC, Reliance Digital, and Croma, opened for pre-order. Some small retailer’s websites were even down due to high traffic. Some users were even frustrated since they did not get to book the PS5 due to scalpers and went on Twitter to describe their experiences. The pre-order even is gone, and now the main burning question is when is the next ps5 restock date.

Next PS5 Restock India

[Update] ShopAtSC has just confirmed that the next PS5 Pre-order date will be on May 27, 2021, at 12 PM with delivery by June 7. ShopAtSC is an authorized Sony Dealer and we just confirmed the restock will happen on Thursday, 27th May.

Sony plans to make the PS5 consoles available again sooner than you think. A news report hints that the PS5 India restock is slated for June. But the exact date for the next PS5 pre-order in India is currently unknown. As of now, Sony is yet to confirm a date for shipping of the consoles and a third restock.

The main reason behind the stock was sold out within minutes is because Sony reportedly stayed back on making more PS5 units available for the second pre-order due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in India.

But now, the covid-19 cases are declining drastically, and the next PS5 pre-order quantities might be huge compare to the first two pre-orders.

Another reason for pre-order in June is the arrival of a new exclusive, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart.  Aside from the standard PS5 console, a disc version, the PS5 Digital Edition had gone on sale for the first time in May restock in India through the Sony Center. Still, customers experienced difficulties trying to book the Digital Edition, suggesting only a limited number of available units. Sony is “unable to offer comments on this topic.

Sony launched less than 4,000 PS5 consoles back in the first restock that happened in Feb, and roughly half of that in May will be crucial.

PS5 Restock Problem is Bigger

Sony Playstation 5 restock problem is bigger than you think. Recently, Sony’s CFO said that the global supply of chips is very low and can not cope with the current demand. He told us that the supply would be short until 2023. So ready-made PS5 will be available on shelves in 2023.

Ever since Sony launched the PS5 last year, it has struggled with stock shortages. This is due to a semiconductor supply issue. 

Microsoft is another company that is facing the same shortage of semiconductor problems. Even electric vehicle manufacturers are facing difficulties due to low chips supply.

In India, The  PlayStation 5 Standard edition costs Rs 49,990. Meanwhile, the PS5 Digital Edition will set you back by Rs 39,990. The differences between the two PlayStation 5 models aren’t much. The digital version does not come with a disc drive.

The PlayStation 5 is Sony’s top gaming model and supports a built-in 4K Blu-ray player. The console is more powerful than its predecessor, the PlayStation 4.

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