PS5 Walmart Restock Update: What We Know Right Now

Sony’s PlayStation 5 console launch back in November was thwarted by huge shortages. Sadly, as the months have rolled on, those shortages haven’t significantly improved. Scalpers are using bots to buy PS5 when it is in restock. Within seconds, they are sold out. Securing one for yourself counts as a hero nowadays. As demand for the high-tech console surpasses the supply, in the end, the innocent customers are the ones who are left alone in the woods with frustration.

Walmart PS5 Restock Update

As of today, 6th April 2021, there is no restock in Walmart right now. The last huge drop of PS5 was around two weeks ago, on 18th March 2021. The good news is that there is a 100% chance that PS5 will restock today. To exactly track the PS5 Restocks in the USA, follow the Twitter tracker sends an alert either the minute new inventory goes live or reveals it ahead of time in some cases.

As per our sources, the quantity will be substantial, but there are lots of scalpers out there, so you need to be as quick as possible to secure for yourself.

One surprising thing I have found out today is that the PS5 was recently crowned the fastest-selling console in US history. As of April 5, 2021, it’s sold out at every major retailer, including Walmart, Amazon, BestBuy, Target, GameStop, and even Sony.

PS5 Walmart Restock Update

[Image Credit: Walmart]

The latest update on PS5 Walmart tells us that it is still out of the stock right now.

Sony Direct didn’t have a PS5 restock all week either, which is actually good news for this week. We could see Sony’s official store for the PlayStation brand have a good week of restocks, while Walmart may take another week off. That is why there is a good chance that Walmart will drop big stock today or within this week at any time.

PS5 Restock: Buying Tips From Walmart

Tip 1: Don’t wait until you hear about a PS5 inventory drop. Check the links at major retailers, follow Twitter trackers yourself daily or even multiple times a day.

Tip 2: To follow the latest news on PS5 restocks, search Google term: PS5 Restock Walmart and you will get the latest update on PS5 inventories, the date, and the time when they go live.

Buy PS5 regardless of Stock Problem.

You are now so frustrated with Sony handling over PS5 that you don’t have the capacity to wait anymore. You are fed up switching different apps to get the latest news on PS5, and now you can’t wait any longer, but you need a PS5 console anyway. Well, there is one way through which you can escape all these problems and can buy one PS5 unit for yourself. This way is not recommended by the BestPS5 team, but if you have made up your mind, let me tell you how you can buy it.


StockX is one platform where you need to pay a hefty premium for their markup services to buy a PS5 console. As of today, 6th April 2021, there are various prices available for PS5.

StockX PS5

[Image Credit: StockX]

You can see that the prices are well above 40% or 50% the Sony’s official sticker price.


On eBay, the BestPS5 team has seen the PS5 units priced well over $1,000. But we think it’s worth it to wait it out and get the new console at sticker price. But again, if you are a die-hard fan of PS5 then this is the one way you can go.

As of today, there are many listings of PS5 console available to sell in eBay.

eBay PS5 Stock Update

[Image Credit: eBay]

PlayStation 5 Variants

Playstation 5 was released in the USA with two variants.

  1. Disc Version:    $499 Price
  2. Digital Version: $399 Price

At this desperate time, people are happy to get their hands on either one console, but if you have a PS4 and have a vast amount of optical discs or Blu-ray movies, used games, or old PS4 games, BestPS5 recommends you to buy Disc Version. If you don’t previously own any PS games and you are happy with all digital versions, then buy the PS5 Digital version.

Final Words

To buy a console of your dreams, follow all the social channels and trackers about the latest PS5 drop news and also follow the website for more information related to upcoming PS5 restocks.

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