Playstation Plans to Expand into Mobile Games and Apps in 2022

The latest Investor Relations documents have disclosed that Sony desires to make more mobile games and apps. Sony is extensively known as the best gaming console company in the world. They prove time and time that they are the leader when it comes to first-party exclusive gaming.

Playstation Expand Into Mobile Games and Apps

Sony’s Playstation is planning to expand in the mobile games and apps market. Yes, you heard right. The latest news was revealed thanks to a set of investor relations documents published on May 26, 2021. Within the document, Sony Interactive Entertainment(SIE) CEO Jim Ryan talks about future expansions into the “services, mobile and social arenas,” potentially using the existing Sony first-party IP.

Ryan notes that experimenting with mobile games and apps provides more choices to gamers. More specifically, he points out that PlayStation’s roster of first-party IP “can transition to smartphone gaming and complement our AAA games or live service games.

Why mobile gaming is the future

With the emergence of smartphones and tablets, mobile gaming has also become popular. The games like Fortnite and PUBG are crushing the mobile gaming industry. Especially in Asia, mobile gaming is making records by the day.

With the arrival of the 5G network, which increases the speed of mobile Internet and reduces clogging through delivering lower latency, mobile games are well-positioned to thrive even further.

Still, while mobile games are considered the future of gaming, they cannot absolutely replace PC and consoles. The main reason behind that is some gamers might not like playing on smaller screens, and constant gaming might damage the device’s battery.

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